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Dry & Klean Carpet Cleaning
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in 23238
"This carpet cleaning service was a surprise--good service, exceptional quality, excellent value for the cost. I am not associated with the company in any way, but I've never had a carpet cleaner who moved the furniture, cleaned the area rug and replaced it, and took sufficient time to really clean the carpet in places where the color had darkened from use (front entrance and kitchen entrance). Also, vacuuming was done before and after the process, which was encapsulation. As the cleaning mixture dries, encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal allows easy removal with subsequent vacuuming. So, when usage begins to darken an area, just vacuum that space and the carpet is cleaned again. (I googled the process.) Very effective and professional carpet cleaning. "
-- Luana R. of Henrico, VA
Advantage Property Development
Roofing in 23228
"Work was very professional and on time. Estimate was complete and included a reasonable price for unforeseen repairs to plywood that had to be replaced. Clean up was excellent and there was no damage to plants, etc. Jason was available to provide any additional work that was needed. We would highly recommend API to anyone."
-- Roy S. of Henrico, VA
Professional Gutter Service
Gutters in 23860
"A representative called me and scheduled a free estimate. The job was done to my satisfaction."
-- colleen W. of Hopewell, VA

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