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(877) 408-3628 Moon's Audio & Video
9 Ratings
(804) 318-5118 Hyper Clean Duct Cleaning, LLC
7 Ratings
(866) 456-5587 360 Mechanical
6 Ratings
(866) 883-0773 AC Glass Company
5 Ratings
(804) 292-6011 Green Dreams Lawn Care & Property Management, LLC
4 Ratings

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TT & J Hauling & Landscaping
Landscaping in 23005
"Delivery was swift and their representative was both business-like and knowledgeable. I'm very satisfied with the company and It's employee that provided the service."
-- Ralph C. of Ashland, VA
A-Advanced Home Services
Air Conditioning in 23831
"I got overcharged for something I already knew. My AC still does not work & now sounds louder than ever."
-- Susan H. of Chester, VA
Freezone Heating and Cooling
Heating & Furnace Systems in 23059
"I am not happy with the experience. The guy came in trying to talk me into an expensive repair option, which I did not take. Then they did a bunch of drilling holes only to find out it did not work. Finally they took down the humidifier in pieces, and had no plans or materials to fill the hole. I eventually found a piece of vinyl cardboard with they taped to the furnace. After they left, the tape job failed to hold and it start to leak again from bottom and the right side. I tried to call them but they did not return my calls. I had to go to Lowes myself in the weekend and buy more metal taps that was designed for vent and re-tape the leak, which turn out to be working. So I paid someone to do a job thinking they are professionals and will do a better job than to do it myself. But in the end I was left with a humidifier broken in pieces, and a tape job that failed to work. Just a bad experience overall. Very disappointed."
-- Runtao D. of Glen Allen, VA

for Richmond

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